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Why TAMs make our Business Different Than Our Competitors

The IT support industry is filled with companies touting the technical certifications and overall “geek”ery of their staffs. But highly technical employees have led, rightly in some cases, to the comical stereotypes of tech support that you see in this short clip!

At ABS we learned that when building our team, looking at technical skills alone was not the answer. We’ve taken a different approach. Courtesy, people skills, and a servant leader mentality are keys to the ABS Way.

So, as the region’s largest managed IT services provider, we do indeed have all the same technical certifications and highly qualified senior engineers as the other IT shops who focus so much on that. In fact, 70% of support issues are solved by the first person you speak to (or email) on our Help Desk, with no escalation. But in addition to the problem solving skills, we have a team that is proactive, personable, and customer-focused.

Our Technical Account Managers, or TAMs as we call them, exemplify these traits. As they work with our managed service agreement customers in an ongoing relationship, they help build an IT Roadmap based on the business’s goals. They learn the particular industry and the business drivers so they can make strategic recommendations and help our customers stay proactive and ahead. 

At Advanced Business Solutions, we invest in our team. In the past, we have learned that when hiring new members to our staff, looking at technical skills alone was not the answer. We take a different approach. A key component of our team is the Technical Account Manager, or TAM as we call them. Our TAMs set us apart from other businesses within the industry. We pride ourselves on having a well-versed, qualified, unique team of individuals who each bring a special aspect to our organization. The main three qualities that set our TAMs apart is their technical training, accelerated customer service, and proactive, personal approach to providing business solutions to our clients. 

Advanced Technical Training 

Each of our TAMs has the needed technical training to give our customers the best IT expertise and management. Our TAMs have strong technological backgrounds, problem-solving skills, and specialties with actual experience in the field. They equip our customers with the proper equipment needed to keep their IT systems working as efficiently as possible. We equip the TAMs with continuous learning and skills development across multiple disciplines and departments. 

Every day, our TAMs are looking at past and present opportunities to serve you and improve your IT systems for the future. We use a step-by-step process that is repeated for each client to ensure reliability, transparency, and proven results for our customers. 

technical account managers

Accelerated Customer Service

Customer service is a huge component of who we are and how we serve our clients here. Someone can have all of the technical skills and knowledge in the world but have no desire to want to serve others. That is not the case with our TAMs. Our Technical Account Managers want to help our clients succeed, and they do so by building strong connections and relationships with each of our customers. We not only want to address and fix your IT issues when they happen but assist you in building a better overall IT infrastructure. 

The TAMs at ABS want to help your business succeed and will do all we can to make that happen. Through strong interpersonal skills, dedicated service, and trusted results, we will assist you with any issues you have, no matter how small or large. Our top concern is making sure that our customers have fully-functioning, well-equipped digital workplaces so they can achieve their business objectives. 

An IT Roadmap

TAMs design a plan based around your business’s pain points, needs, and wants of your IT systems. Being proactive rather than reactive, we will co-create with you an IT Roadmap that will address the issues you commonly face with your technology and implement processes and equipment that will prevent those same issues from surfacing in the future. Technology is always advancing, and so are we in our approaches to bettering our client’s IT systems. 

Each unique plan will serve you and have a goal of improving operations, productivity, and efficiency within the workplace. We never want your IT to slow you down, but if it does, your TAM is there to help! They will be awaiting your call in the event of an IT emergency, and because of their personal connection to your IT systems, they will know how to handle the issue quickly to get you back to work quickly and prevent downtime. 

Whether your business is in need of Managed IT Services or a Customized IT Solutions plan, we are ready to assist and improve your technology environment. If you are looking for a trusted IT partner who is always on your side and here to help, let’s talk today.