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Why Every Business Needs Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud computing, in essence, encompasses every service that can be accessed online anywhere and at any time. Storage platforms like Azure Cloud Storage and customer relationship management apps like Microsoft Dynamics CRM are good examples of the cloud at work. And while businesses have been slowly adopting this service for years, the increasing need to digitalize operations in 2020 spurred over 25% more organizations to migrate to the cloud.

Clearly, businesses are now more confident about leaving important data in the cloud and embracing its adoption more than ever before. If your organization is still on the fence about cloud-based solutions, these benefits might just change your mind.

They’re cost-effective

The costs required to scale and maintain in-house servers are not cheap. After all, you need to buy new equipment when you want to scale and IT needs to regularly check the servers if they’re functioning as intended on a daily basis. Conversely, cloud-based infrastructure like Microsoft Azure gives you only as much storage as you need without requiring you to pay for upkeep. This is because it’s the cloud solutions provider who will be hosting the servers for you.

Though you’ll still be making regular payments, it’ll be at a low, fixed price that doesn’t include unexpected costs like repair and downtime.

Cloud-Based Solutions flexible

As mentioned above, the cloud only requires you to pay for as much storage as you need. This dynamic scalability can be useful in periods of growth or decline, especially with tools like Azure Autoscale that can immediately adapt according to the demands of application usage. For example, Netflix’s user base exploded as people stayed home, as the company saw over 37 million new users last year. But because their service runs on the cloud, Netflix was able to upscale its operations quickly and with minimal lag.

They’re secure

The cloud can protect your data in two ways. First, unlike in-house servers, cloud data centers are designed to be resilient. We’ve previously written about how cloud-based applications can prevent data loss or downtime because they’re affordable, scalable, and, most importantly, consistent. That’s because their servers have printed circuit boards with high power integrity. This helps cloud data centers stay stable even during sudden voltage spikes or power outages, so you don’t need to worry about your data during these events.

Second, the cloud is designed by cybersecurity experts, so you don’t need to worry about data breaches, either. Companies like Vivino use it to protect the private information of customers who wish to have wine delivered right to their doorstep.

They’re easy to use

Cloud-based solutions are designed to be simple and convenient. They’re easy to install and update automatically so they don’t lose functionality over time.

They’re also accessible remotely, which can facilitate more collaboration. Cloud-based tools powered by products like Azure Communication Services allow you to manage your operations more easily. Even tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon are recognizing this and allowing employees to work hybrid work schedules as a result.

Cloud-based solutions provide a competitive edge

Finally, cutting-edge cloud-based solutions can keep your business ahead of the game. Azure Applied AI Services can automate various manual tasks like document processing and customer service so you can turn time into value.

Meanwhile, Azure Power BI can conduct business analytics to make data-driven resolutions for growth. Such decisions have led enterprises like Kroger to further digitalize and innovate their services. Today it boasts a unique, AI-powered, guided shopping experience that uses technology like digital shelf labels and smart shopping carts.

Cloud-based solutions are cheap, easy to use, and so versatile that they can be applied to practically every aspect of your business operations. If you’re looking to drive profitable growth, adopting the cloud is one of the best steps you can take to do so.

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Written by Alicia Carter
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