Walter Zalewski

TAM Spotlight: Walter Zalewski

Our Technical Account Managers (TAMs) are a big part of what makes ABS unique in the marketplace among other IT service providers. This group of IT pros create a customer experience based on responsive and strategic leadership. Many IT companies claim to be proactive, but all too often this is a claim with little or no substance. Being proactive is a pillar of our success and continued growth. Like the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding” and the TAMs are a big part of the “proof.”

As we continue to spotlight our TAMs, we’d like to introduce you to Walter Zalewski, an IT veteran who has found a home on the ABS team.

What It Means To Be A TAM and Why Walter Is A Perfect Fit

Technical Account Managers are responsible for knowing the customer’s business and helping them adapt technology to meet their business objectives. Walt embodies this vision. Even though he’s new to ABS and the managed service provider world, he has a wealth of experience as a CIO and IT Director. He has leadership experience in some of Kentucky’s largest corporations helping establish the direction of IT initiatives and executing on those initiatives. At ABS, he is a strong customer advocate and spends a ton of time understanding his customer’s business needs.

Out of our 14 principles that make up the ABS Way, Walt most exemplifies “Solve the problem, just get it done. Nothing is beneath you”. Walt takes great pride in helping his customers. He does not just take a request and pass it off to the next person in line. He understands his customer’s needs and does whatever it takes to resolve the issue. Using his expertise, he does a great job of helping our technical folks understand what the customer is asking for and explaining to the customer what we are doing in a language they can understand vs. technical jargon. When there are issues, he rolls up his sleeves and drives it to a conclusion.

Walt and I have a unique relationship. Although I’ve worked with Walt at ABS for less than a year, I’ve known Walt for almost twenty years. Fifteen of those years, Walt was one of my customers and he’s been a reference for me in one of my jobs. I have lots of different stories to tell regarding Walt. One that sticks out to me and can be published on our company’s blog was when Walt was the IT Director at the Galt House. He fit the hospitality industry perfectly. As you walked through the hotel, Walt spoke to everyone, particularly fellow employees. He treated those employees as most hotel employees treated guests. He understood they were his customers and he wanted his work to make their jobs easier. That customer service driven attitude makes Walt a perfect TAM.

Introducing Technical Account Manager Walter Zalewski

We asked Walt to tell us more about his role and even what type of fictional technology he wish existed.

Walter Zalewski

What is the most fulfilling aspect of working at ABS and being a TAM?

Being able to utilize my business and technology experience to help people in using information technology to improve their business. I stay passionate about my work because it’s very rewarding to use my skills in helping businesses with IT. Oftentimes, IT talk sounds like a different language to people not in the industry so being able to translate technical jargon into something my clients truly understand never gets old.

How do you take a proactive approach to IT management with your clients?

By first understanding people and business, you can then determine what a client may need for managing the IT environment at their organization. It is as much about being able to communicate in terms that a person understands as it is about the great technology and services available to them. Most recently, one of my clients has been particularly keen on letting me incredibly proactive with their IT and that’s an incredible feeling to be trusted to do that! There’s also no such thing as over-communication in my line of work. I’m communicating daily, usually multiple times a day, with my clients to maintain a proactive approach.

When and why did you become interested in IT?

After starting college to become an engineer, which did not work out, I excelled at programming and computer classes. Once I switched, I took off and eventually went on to earn a Masters degree in Computing and Telecommunications Management.

When you’re not working, what can you be found doing?

I love spending time with family, including our newest addition, Reilly who is a 9-week old standard poodle. I also enjoy traveling, especially to Europe. I’ve been to a few places in Italy (Rome, Naples, and Pisa) and my goal is to one day go on a Tuscan trip and stay in the Tuscan countryside where there are minimal tourists. I also enjoy cooking (and eating). Whether it is from a recipe or the “what can you make from what’s in the fridge”, or seeing it on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-In’s, and Dives, I’ll eat it. Dom Deluise and Ina Garten are two of my go-to idea sources.

What is the ultimate tech device or equipment you wish you personally owned? Or What is a fictional technology that you wish existed?

One option for the ultimate tech device would be a virtual reality device that provides full sensory and visual input. The fictional technology that I wish existed is time travel. If the VR technology existed, I would love to experience the plains of the Serengeti, explore the Australian Outback, or go to China Town to experience a totally different lifestyle.

If you want to learn more about the services ABS and Walter are doing for the city of Louisville, click here. Also, check out our blog to learn more about all things ABS and industry news and updates!