Webinar – To Prepare and Protect: A Guide to Cyber Insurance

Thursday, April 28th 11:30am-12:30pm EST

Cyber-attacks continue to evolve and disguise themselves in many forms.  Using methods from social engineering to technical hacking, the impact they have on small businesses is very real. Over the last couple of years, cybersecurity Insurance has become an important layer of protection for many businesses. Due to the increase of successful attacks, Insurance providers are getting stricter on the requirements to obtain coverage. In this webinar we will focus on what ABS is seeing their clients needing to do and how we can prepare you for your upcoming renewal.

Topics Include:

  • A look at some common requirements on Insurance Forms
  • How ABS is shifting to better position our clients
  • Real life example of what can happen to a common small business

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Tucker, Wes and John are passionate about serving their customers through a layered cybersecurity approach. If you’re ready to learn more about cybersecurity and protecting your business, register today!

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Tucker Oldham

Director of Technical Account Management

Wes Johnson

Security Services Manager

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John Clark

VP of Business Development