TAM Spotlight – James Hutchinson

As the VP of Business Development, I have the best seat in the house – I see the beginning of our relationships with clients and how they develop over time. I also have the fortunate opportunity to introduce each of our customers to ABS and hand them off to the Technical Account Managers. I get to watch our TAMs educate our clients on what they should be considering strategically as they grow and how they evolve their security posture. Our TAMs are critical to this process, from service delivery to customer satisfaction!

How does James embody aspects of your vision for the TAMs department?

James started with ABS in a unique way. He was hired as a contractor to follow a checklist while installing hardware for an EMR deployment at a large hospital. He quickly shined as he took ownership of certain aspects of our scope and went beyond what was asked of him. From there, James grew technically and professionally as he filled many roles inside ABS. He’s been the grunt earning his stripes, he’s been a Tier 2 technician, a Project Manager, our new client onboarding tech, and now a Technical Account Manager. You cannot make it this long at ABS and through that many roles without exceptional customer service and dedication to the ABS Way. His experience in our company makes him the perfect TAM for our customers. He knows exactly how we support our clients’ day-to-day IT needs and can develop their future with an IT strategy.

Which of the 14 ABS Way principles does James exemplify the most?

From James’s first day working with ABS, you could tell he truly believed in the ABS Way. “Nothing is Beneath You” is the specific one that reminds me of James the most. Whatever ABS needed at the time, James was ready to take it on. 

What is your favorite memory working with James? Tell us about a time that he went above and beyond.

My favorite memory with James was when he was a part of our Enterprise Operations where we installed EMRs. At the end of each project, ABS would stand up a 24-7 dedicated help desk to support go-live and we needed experience on the 3rd shift. Every single go-live, James was there to take that 3rd shift role – whether it was just to answer phones or to step in as a leader.

Meet James Hutchinson

We sat down with James to ask him more about his role as a Technical Account Manager at Advanced Business Solutions.

Tell us about how you got started.

I started with ABS as a contractor on one of the EMR implementation systems at one of the local hospitals. A few current co-workers and I would start each day preparing for the new EMR system go-live. We made sure all systems were ready to handle the new EMR application, and spent many long days and nights providing assistance to the hospital once the system was implemented.

From there, I was offered a full-time position at ABS and began work on the ABS Help Desk, my first experience in the MSP world. I spent some time there and finished my degree, before being promoted to a Tier 2 position.

Then, I was promoted to a Project Manager at ABS where I spent a few more years implementing a wide range of client projects. After my time as a Project Manager, I moved back to the service department into the Tier 2 role and assisted as a temporary supervisor when needed.

Later, I moved into the ABS onboarding technician role and prepared ABS to be able to provide service and support to all our new clients. Shortly after accepting that position, I was presented an opportunity to move into the Technical Account Manager role, where I serve today!

What do you enjoy most about your role as a TAM at ABS?

The most fulfilling aspect of working at ABS in the Technical Account Manager role is helping our clients solve problems. Every client need provides a new opportunity to provide value and solve the problem! I get a ton of satisfaction when I can help our clients make technology work to their benefit. There is no request, no matter the size, that I don’t enjoy assisting with.

How do you take a proactive approach to IT management with your customers?

I carefully review each client’s current and future needs and work with them to provide solutions to make their technology work for them, not against them.

When and why did you become interested in IT?

I became interested in IT early on in my life. I was always working and experimenting on the family PC – whether my Dad approved of it or not. I grew up with external modems and dial up, not to date myself.

When you’re not working, what can you be found doing?

Enjoying the beach and the lake in the summer with my wife, and, in the winter, you can find me snowboarding in the mountains. When I can’t enjoy those things, I am cheering on the Cardinals!

What is a fictional technology that you wish existed?

I was always a fan of the Jetsons, so I would love to fly my wife around to the beach or the mountains whenever we wanted to get away. Get it together already Elon!

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