Municipalities and Governments

Ensuring the security, stability, and efficiency of your organization.

We have a history serving local municipalities and governments. From fiscal courts to 911 call centers and police and fire departments, we have the expertise and resources to support and manage all of your IT needs.

Our expert team understands that municipalities and governments face unique challenges when it comes to strategic planning, budgeting, and security. We employ a variety of IT solutions to address these challenges and keep your organization’s IT operating effectively.

“When ABS first became our IT partner, we were not doing daily backups or any kind of backups, we were doing no spam filtering, and we were only using anti-virus software here and there but not everywhere. Thankfully, ABS understood that we have a restricted budget and put together a plan for how to make us safe and secure in increments of cost.”

-Melissa Horn, Oldham County Fiscal Courts

Ultimately, when we partner with municipalities and governments, we want to ensure that your IT systems are protected and operating efficiently so that you can focus on serving your community.

“Instead of putting a bandaid on IT issues and fixing a problem short-term, we seek to uncover the root cause of the problem and provide comprehensive and lasting solutions. This means that the government and municipal organizations we work with will save money in the long-run.”

Chris Hollis Technical Account Management at Advanced Business Solutions, Louisville
Technical Account Manager
for Municipal & Government Organizations

To learn more about the unique ways that we can serve your organization’s IT needs, check out our case study.

In the case study you’ll find out more about:

  • Ways we help organizations overcome obstacles and challenges
  • The cost-effectiveness of the IT solutions we offer
  • Results you can expect to meet your IT needs