We understand that technology is always changing. Sometimes you don’t fully know what you need until your server’s down or the data is lost. We want to do more than save the day. We want you to feel informed about the technology behind your business so you can achieve growth you never thought possible.

We want to make your operations smoother. We know you don’t take the decision lightly to adopt a new tool. We want to give you the context and confidence you need to lead in this digital world.

We like to say, we’re not just in the IT business. We’re a customer service business! Although we like to talk about our services because we’re passionate about them, this Resource Hub is dedicated to empowering you.



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5 Tools that Keep our Team Efficient

As a professional services company specializing in technology, we like to help you cut through the noise of the numerous tools, especially software, that exist for business productivity. 

Playback: Modernizing Security

Your network is transitioning, is your security plan? Modern threats and transitions to the cloud are changing the way we should secure our businesses. 

Oasis Solutions & ABS


See how this company recovered from a Randsomware Attack

A detailed look at how one ransomware attack took down two companies and what ABS did to respond and recover.

How to prevent data leaks with Microsoft 365 Business

Microsoft 365 Business helps protect customer businesses against data leaks with advanced security capabilities, including solutions that ensure their emails are always protected and best-in-class data loss prevention policies are in place.

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