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Executive Summary:

When a routine Operating System update to Potter & Associates Architects’ server caused an OS corruption and server failure, they called upon ABS to fix the issue. After identifying the problem, ABS was able to leverage the Intelligent Business Continuity feature of the recently installed Datto Backup and Disaster Recovery solution to quickly restore the server while preventing any downtime or data loss. This gave ABS ample time to repair the OS corruption without data loss and ultimately return to the primary server without any further inconveniences or complications.

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Potter & Associates Architects’ Challenges:

A server failure can pose many threats to a business. In many cases, repairing a server requires an extended amount of downtime, not to mention inconvenience. Data can be lost, potential profits negatively affected. When the patch corrupted the OS, Potter & Associates was at risk of losing their server, the heart of the company’s IT system, during the period in which data would need to be recovered and repairs made. That kind of extended downtime could have disastrously impacted income and customer service, putting the business at risk.

How ABS Helped:

After confirming the server would need to be rebuilt, ABS implemented Datto’s Intelligent Business Continuity solution to restore the last viable backup by utilizing the Datto system as a temporary server, recovering data almost instantly and preventing any further downtime or disruption. This prevented the need to scramble to repair the server the same day, while still keeping the client system running.

Benefits of Intelligent Business Continuity:

  • Downtime after a disaster is reduced to hours, minutes or even seconds

  • Fully automated backup process with very little manual management required

  • Offsite backups stored in SSAE16 Type II data centers, ensuring security

  • Instant virtualization in mere seconds

  • The ability to keep your business running in the event of a disaster


With some simple coordination with Potter & Associates, ABS scheduled the repair, rebuilt the server, and converted the client back to the primary server without any complications. What began as a potentially catastrophic issue for the architectural firm was handled quickly and seamlessly, all while mitigating downtime and ensuring data protection, security, and continuity

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