New Office Provides New Opportunities, Better Space for ABS Team

The ABS team recently had a chance to take a look back on 2019 and an incredibly special time in our company’s history.

This was thanks to DCD Magazine who featured ABS and our new building in their January issue and to Potter & Associates for everything they did to make this new building meet and surpass our goals throughout the entire process.

We are thrilled to see this new step for ABS receive so much attention and are so thankful for the changes and benefits we’ve already experience as a result of this move.

A Look Back in Time

As we look back on 2019, it’s amazing to see how our goals have been met, from our initial inspiration, to the final outcome – which we now get to enjoy on a daily basis!

One of our greatest goals with this new building was to provide a better workspace for our employees and give our ABS team a place where they could be excited to come to work every day.

We wanted to create a collaborative space where they could come together and bond as a team.

You’ll experience this throughout building – from the open floor plan, to the natural lighting, to the exposed mechanical and electrical systems in our open ceilings.

Since our move on May 23rd, 2019, we’ve experienced the benefit of a better work environment, more collaborative team, and a greater ability to serve our customers.

We love our new home and we love our new neighborhood here in historic Clifton.

Ready for What the Future Holds for ABS Team

Many thanks (again) to Potter & Associates for making this new building our home.

We’re excited to see what new places 2020 will bring and to experience our first full year in our new office. Don’t worry – we made sure to leave some room for expansion as our services grow in Louisville and the surrounding area like Lexington as well!