maryhurst case study

Executive Summary :

When Maryhurst received a grant to expand their campus, they called upon ABS to help develop a better solution for their technology infrastructure. With 3 remote sites, various buildings within
additional buildings, Maryhurst knew their 20 year old phone system couldn’t be expanded anymore. ABS carefully evaluated the current technologies that were being used and formulated a plan that would upgrade their network infrastructure, increase bandwidth and allow a VoIP system to be installed.

Maryhurst Challenges :

With Maryhurst providing programs to more than 300 children and their families each year, making sure the staff was able to access much needed information and stay connected with other locations was of the utmost importance. From working with girls on campus to residential treatment to fostering, Maryhurst started to look at how their technology was limiting them from doing more. Knowing that they would eventually be starting an outpatient care program, they wanted to achieve a long standing goal of “connecting” their locations into a single
phone/network system.

Steven Farr, VP of Human Resources, knew that undertaking a project of this size was too much for their one person IT staff and was looking to build a relationship with someone who could work with them on an ongoing basis and provide expertise assistance with these types of large projects. He knew the 20 year old phone system they’d been using wouldn’t be able to handle the type of volume it was dealing with for much longer, let alone adding more, so he knew that their entire infrastructure would need an overhaul. In addition, they were having multiple issues with their email and backup server and it was prohibiting many of their daily tasks. But, above all… he didn’t know where to start.

How ABS Helped:

When ABS first started working with Maryhurst, we first and foremost had to keep in mind they are a nonprofit so having a meeting of the minds to make sure we were all on the same page was key. We wanted to know the core of who Maryhurst was and why they operate how they do, so that we were able to find thebest and most practical solutions for them.

maryhurst case study

We first evaluated the infrastructure at each of the locations. We knew that interconnectivity was a big issue and there were multiple factors playing into that.

  • Each building had its own dedicated phone system.

  • There were systems in place that were no longer vendor serviceable due to end of life.

  • Switches being used were old and unmanaged.

  • Building to building connectivity speeds were only at 100MB, which was causing serious bottlenecking.

  • Some buildings were being daisy chained off one another.

  • They did not have reliable networking cables that would facilitate a VoIP system.

After personally vetting out the best possible solutions, ABS was able to offer Maryhurst various options and suggestions with a full range of pricing and technology. Projects were planned and staged on Maryhurst’s timeframe because of budget restraints and grant application processes.

Their Results:

Over the span of 16 months, ABS was able to refresh the existing infrastructure which consisted of a complete redesign of the current framework, installing new switches and networking cabling to the entire campus including their other 3 sites, increase bandwidth that would support VoIP and start the process of migrating to Office 365.

maryhurst case study

With the updated infrastructure, we are now assisting Maryhurst in a campus wide wireless project that will not only increase efficiency for individual efforts but it will increase interconnectivity throughout the entire Maryhurst community. This will also represent a step forward in helping to fulfill the requirements placed upon Maryhurst now that they are a licensed, Medicaid facility. Furthermore, it will provide the ability for workers to document in realtime via wireless technology when interacting with clients and is something they are eagerly looking forward to.

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