SIRIS 3 is the newest data protection platform DATTO has to offer and it is also the data protection ABS chooses to use for our clients.With this newly structured version DATTO has created, we are able to offer protection to any physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure on Windows, Mac or Linux. Clients and users not only have the luxury of backing up data on their own devices on their own schedules, but they have the luxury of creating exact copies to store in the DATTO Cloud. With zero hardware investment, SIRIS 3 provides faster backups and restore/recovery times.

As technology continues to advance and staying up-to-date is essential, original forms of backups such as tape, disk or online are no longer efficient.  SIRIS 3 is the most accurate and cost-effective form of data protection available today. Below is a comparison of the original ways in which we used to protect our data verses the new and improved way of protecting our data.


Original Forms of Backup

Intelligent Businesses Continuity 

Weekly disaster recovery time, if data is recoverable Hours, minutes or seconds to recover data that is recoverable
Fully managed by an administrator leading to error Automated backup processes, involving minimal human management
Time consuming and expensive to store physical copies of backups Each backup is automatically saved in multiple locations
Slower backup speeds Files are quickly transfer even with buy networks and low bandwidth
Prioritizing important data, files and applications is difficult Data is prioritized to be transferred offsite first
Physical and virtual conversions are time consuming Instant visualization in seconds
One location is risky for data and backups Backups are stored on a local device and in the cloud to avoid downtime
Encrypting data limitations and is risky for industry regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, etc To meet industry regulations, AES 26 and SSL key-based encryptions are used to ensure data is safe
Higher tape failure risks up to 50% Lower risks of corrupted backups and data loss
Potential for theft of loss of media Offsite backups are stored in SSAE16 Type II data centers
The average cost of downtime is approximately $163,674 per hour Ability to keep your business running in times of disaster


Traditional forms of protection can no longer provide the most up-to-date and accurate protection an organization needs. DATTO’s Intelligent Business Continuity provides a quicker turnaround time from weeks to hours, minutes or even seconds! The new and improved data protection solutions that ABS offers, such as SIRIS 3 provided by DATTO, are the best ways to secure your personal data as well as your business’ critical data. If you would like to know the cost of downtime for your business, or you are interested in a business continuity solution that will virtually eliminate the risk of data loss, lengthy downtime, and expensive backup equipment to manage, please reach out to us today!