25 years

Celebrating 25 Years

This year marks 25 years here at Advanced Business Solutions. From our beginning as the brainchild of CEO Mark Lewis, to establishing the ABS Way, to now serving the throughout the Kentuckiana region, we are thankful for each step and opportunity along the way – it’s been an awesome journey so far. Join us as we reminisce on the last 25 years!

A Humble Beginning

The vision for Advanced Business Solutions started small – 4 technicians and 1 administrative person in addition to CEO Mark Lewis. That was the “dream.” After just two years, ABS quickly surpassed that dream. We began adding to our team and expanding our services and reach and continue to do so today!

One of the first additions we made to our services was the implementation of the Help Desk. While we see this service as our first line of defense and a critical part of how we serve our customers, its origins are a bit unconventional. In fact, the Help Desk began when a team member, current VP of Operations David Lacey, had surgery on his foot and had to remain immobile for a season. The solution was to have David take calls and serve clients remotely. This worked so well, we quickly hired another person to join him – our current VP of Business Development John Clark.

Building a Strong Foundation from 25 Years

Each year, ABS has grown continuously and faced new and exciting possibilities along the way. Since our beginning, it quickly became evident that we were doing something right and fulfilling a need in the marketplace that had yet to be addressed. Looking back, we give a lot of credit to the ABS Ways. From guiding principles such as “We Help People” to “Set Expectations Every Time” the ABS Ways have allowed us to deliver quality service and solutions to our customers time and time again. We attribute a lot of our success to the ABS Way.

As the business has grown, so has the ABS family. If you visit our office today, you will meet team members who have been with us from the start. They will tell you stories of cramped old office spaces and living out the “no job is beneath you” mentality as they painted walls and learned on the job! New employees might enjoy better facilities and a more structured environment today, but they attest that ABS continues to operate very much as a family and we’re grateful for that.

Looking Forward to the Next 25 Years

Twenty-five years later, ABS has expanded to over 100 employees (and counting) and serves the Kentuckiana region from a building designed specifically for ABS – with room to grow.

As we reminisce on the last 25 years, we are amazed to see how far we have come. Each new step has brought amazing opportunities, grown our ABS family, and given us so much to be grateful for. We invite you to enjoy our anniversary video we made as a tribute to this milestone.

We look forward to the next 25 years as we continue to serve our customers from Louisville to Lexington and beyond.

As one employee stated – “No matter how we’ve grown or how we will grow, we’re still the same company – we still have fun and we still help people.”