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Business IT Trends To Watch In 2019

Technology budgets are expected to grow this year across industries and business sizes. We wrote more about that in a previous blog. In this post, we look at what business tech trends are expected to emerge, which stems, at least in part, from how companies are planning to spend their reported budgets.

Businesses of all sizes are dedicating a large percentage of their IT budget to upgrading their outdated IT infrastructure. Beyond upgrading, the rising tech trends differ between industries and even between small and large companies.

These are three business IT trends that we think will have the biggest impact on small business operations:

IT automation

Automation processes save time, increase productivity, and free up employees for more valuable tasks that will take the business forward. Larger companies are already seeing the fruit of automation, but now more small businesses are reporting increase IT budgets for automating processes. From administrative tasks to creating unique customer experiences, small businesses are finding ways to increase their bandwidth and efficiency through automation.


The Internet of Things (IoT), also referred to as edge computing, is the ability for non-traditional devices to connect to the internet. In the consumer world, smart devices allow individuals to control everyday aspects of their home such as lights, thermostats, and even locks.

In the business world, IoT is creating many opportunities for businesses as more and more devices become connected to the Internet. More small businesses will be utilizing IoT devices to monitor, control, and track data on resources within their business. For example, smart sensors in a conference room to help employees find, schedule, and set up a meeting. IoT is also showing up in manufacturing settings, such as sensors on assembly lines that monitor for anomalies and predict when parts will need to be replaced. Uses such as these will allow small businesses to be proactive and gain efficiency in their operations.

As businesses embrace the trend, the conversation will quickly go from what devices are able to connect to what devices are not.

Gigabit Wi-Fi networking

Gigabit Wi-Fi, also known as fiber optic internet, will potentially be a big game changer for businesses of all sizes. As the next generation of broadband internet service, gigabit Wi-Fi promises to provide the fastest connection speeds (but you might have to wait patiently for it to reach your city).

Small businesses, in particular, will be utilizing gigabit Wi-Fi to increase the adoption of Cloud services, such as hosted phones and video conferencing. Gigabit Wi-Fi will enable businesses to connect to and operate through their Cloud services faster than ever before, reducing downtown and increasing productivity.

Gigabit Wi-Fi does require a business to have the right technology to connect, including a supported modem and router, which will be an area businesses are spending their IT budget in 2019.

We caught up with our Operations Manager, David Lacey to discuss technology trends. Listen to his insights on the importance of moving forward at the right pace.

Beyond business size, the adoption of tech trends varies greatly by the industry as well. Financial institutions report the highest current adoption of IT automation, serverless computing, AI technology, and blockchain tech. Healthcare organizations have the highest adoption rates for IoT and converged or hyper-converged infrastructure.

Converged infrastructure is replacing traditional data centers that required individually configured systems with a team of IT experts for each category. The goal of converging is to reduce the complexity in data center management by bundling all components (servers, software, storage, etc.) into one integrated system.

The IT service industry has the highest adoption rate of edge computing and education institutions have the highest adoption rate of 3D printers. Government organizations are typically resistant to change and have the lowest adoption rates for most emerging technologies.

“Be aware of trends, be proactive, and maybe most importantly find a trusted technology advisor and have regular conversations about your business — not just your IT, but about your business. Talk to your IT person, whether it’s ABS or not, not just about your IT systems, but about your business needs. This will help you stay on top of the latest trends and how they apply to you.”

David Lacey Operations Manager at Advanced Business Solutions, Louisville
Operations Manager at ABS


How To Be Proactive With Your Business’ IT

With the rate that business technology is advancing, your business has much to gain by staying current on IT trends that drive efficiencies. If you don’t know where to begin, you’re in the right place. Our team is committed to getting your business up to speed through the application of new systems, automation, and team education.

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