Avoiding the Latest “Google Docs” Phishing Scam

If you’re like us, you use email on a daily basis to communicate information to clients, colleagues, and friends. But, with any routine, we tend to become a bit too comfortable with it, move faster than we should, and ultimately make some mistakes that may have been prevented just by slowing down and assessing the situation at hand with a clear head.

Google Docs is a popular word processor that allows for easy sharing and editing, and can be a great business tool when used for its intended purpose. Unfortunately, the widely used service has become the latest mask over a major phishing scam that’s sweeping the internet today.

Haven’t heard about the Fake “Google Docs” Phishing Scam? Here’s the rundown. Users are receiving an email that appears to be a Google Doc shared with them by an email contact they know. The email recipient will then be asked to click the link on the shared “Google Docs” file, and ultimately are asked to grant the fraudulant “Google” account full access to your emails, contacts, password resets, and more. Once clicked, your information is no longer secure, and may become compromised, as the cycle continues on using your contact list and other information you’ve now granted access to believing it to be a standard permissions checkpoint from the legitimate Google company.

While phishing scams are becoming more sophisticated, they can be avoided if you’re vigilant of the warning signs. This article from WIRED offers some great tips for how to protect yourself from phishing scams, like the latest one, now and in the future:

Have you found yourself the victim of the latest “Google Docs” Phishing Scam? Give ABS a call. We can help get you back on the right track to securing your account and sensitive data.

Why Having a Strategic IT Plan Is Important

In order for any business to be successful, making sure the right plans are made and in place are crucial so businesses are able to move forward from any mishaps that could occur. The same can be said in the world of IT as well because as the business grows, their IT infrastructure will need to improve and evolve as well.

Strategic IT planning allows a company to think and progressively plan in order to obtain the desired competitive advantage in its field of work. It can lead to either maintenance or investment, depending on satisfaction with the current course of the company.
Thanks to strategic IT planning, the company can tailor the expenses, focus the financial needs in a more effective manner and at the same time it also provides the necessary means that can be used to communicate within the company the right way!

What is included in the strategic IT planning?

There are a multitude of frameworks for strategic plans and each one of them is tailored to the specific needs of any company. The main framework includes things such as: hardware surveys and the exploration of virtualization options, any necessary security audits, VOIP capabilities, server inventories, as well as workstation inventories to see if apps are still licensed and warranties are not expired. Basically, strategic IT planning meddles with all the small things that add up to create a cohesive, professional IT network that is planned and modified in order to provide the best possible results!
Benefits of strategic IT planning

The main advantage that comes with strategic IT planning is that you are able to create a futuristic blueprint for the company. By establishing direction and wise business decisions in the IT sector, you will be able to make your business much more sustainable and profitable in the end.

Strategic IT planning not only allows you to understand the current power of technology, but it also allows you to identify the gaps and see what needs to be done in order to further improve the services. This leads to a better productivity and astounding results overall, something that you want at all times from your business.

Important elements in a strategic IT plan

When you create a professional strategic IT plan there are a few things that should be included at all costs. One should be a mission statement in which you explain and direct the way your workforce uses IT products and how can this be improved, especially if your plan contains major changes. Another item is a SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis allows you to determine specific information about the company and focus on the solutions that you need to implement. Once this is done, you will have a list of prioritized actions that have to be implemented into your IT plan, a list that is crucial to be used at all times. Lastly, a strategic IT plan will also include a road map detailing specific timelines that will be very useful in carrying out the strategic plan.
With the proper IT strategic plan, your business can evolve easily and be taken to the next level for long lasting success.