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The New Horizon of Long-Term Remote Work

Living in a now post-pandemic world has brought about many changes to the way the workplace can function successfully. One of the most prominent changes in this new world is the fact that remote and hybrid work have become increasingly more common. Not only that, but the ability to offer jobs to remote workers has […]

3 Key IT Components to Remember when Refreshing Workstations

When we think about IT, our team’s workstations are not usually the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, they may be one of the most essential components in your IT arsenal. If your team’s workstations are outdated and unhealthy, your business will undoubtedly suffer. 


It’s essential to maintain a cycle of preventive maintenance for each of your employee’s workstations. This will allow you to stay technologically relevant and efficient.

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Empowering Your Business with Data Services

The world runs on data. It’s what allows your business to continue to grow and deepen its roots in your industry. Without data, consistent growth is impossible. Data can be incredibly powerful for growth, but if not used properly it can also be a hindrance to your business. 


Understanding your data and asking it questions can make a major difference for your business. By employing Data Services you can create more visibility for your data and adopt intelligently leveraged data points. Having clear data visibility–through reports, extracts, dashboards, third party analysis, and more–is key to being able to compete in today’s business environment.

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Added Security for a Remote Workforce

In the last two years the workforce has transformed. The need for remote access for a multitude of workers is here to stay. This need has changed the way we operate, especially how we rely on network security services. 


At Advanced Business Solutions it is one of our primary goals to provide comprehensive security solutions for the remote worker. We have a variety of tools which we utilize to ensure the overall protection of your business, no matter where your workforce resides.

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Thinking “Big Picture” About Cybersecurity

When the topic of Cybersecurity comes up, oftentimes one thinks about the “bigger picture” of what needs to be done to protect your digital assets and those of your clients. When one is working to secure a home, adding in a security camera and an alarm system seem the obvious go-tos. But most often the security measures that really matter are the ones that we don’t think about on a daily basis, like our smoke detectors and deadbolt locks. When it comes to cybersecurity, just like when thinking about home security measures, looking at the granular level is just as important as the big picture items. 

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Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience and How It May Impact Your Subscription

Ever since Microsoft brought us O365 over a decade ago, they have continuously added value to their products through new applications and security features. As a result, last year Microsoft announced their first “substantive price update” since its first release. The price increase applies to these specific commercial products:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Office 365 E1
  • Office 365 E3
  • Office 365 E5
  • Microsoft 365 E3

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5 Tools that Keep Our Team Productive

Cloud computing, in essence, encompasses every service that can be accessed online anywhere and at any time. Storage platforms like Azure Cloud Storage and customer relationship management apps like Microsoft Dynamics CRM are good examples of the cloud at work. And while businesses have been slowly adopting this service for years, the increasing need to digitalize operations in 2020 spurred over 25% more organizations to migrate to the cloud.

Clearly, businesses are now more confident about leaving important data in the cloud and embracing its adoption more than ever before. If your organization is still on the fence about cloud-based solutions, these benefits might just change your mind.

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Celebrating 25 Years

This year marks 25 years here at Advanced Business Solutions. From our beginning as the brainchild of CEO Mark Lewis, to establishing the ABS Way, to now serving the throughout the Kentuckiana region, we are thankful for each step and opportunity along the way – it’s been an awesome journey so far. Join us as we reminisce on the last 25 years!

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How to Overcome the Toughest Cybersecurity Challenges

Business and computers go hand-in-hand today. Technology empowers enterprises but that doesn’t mean it’s not complicated. That’s coming from IT professionals!

It’s important to have a baseline understanding of the cybersecurity threats facing businesses. However, we want to emphasize that the best way to face a cybersecurity challenge is to have a proactive and comprehensive plan already in place that includes a dedicated team to manage your IT, specifically your data back-ups, network firewall, risk mitigation, and disaster recovery.

Below is an overview of the top cybersecurity challenges you may experience. There are immediate actions you can take if and when you face any of these situations.

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