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Advancing Louisville Through the Power of Technology

As one of the fastest growing IT companies in the region, we are dedicated not only to exceptional customer service but also to the advancement of the community in Louisville and Lexington through technology. On May 23, we unveiled our new 30,000-square-foot office in the Clifton neighborhood, which enables us to continue this mission.

New Workspace Provides Opportunity for Growth

Over our 24 years of business, we have strived to create an environment where our team can excel. Our employees are more than just a number, and we know that by empowering them and facilitating space for growth and relationship that they will actively transform our business, our client’s businesses, and our community. We don’t simply want them to come in, work, and then go home. We want our team to make an impact on Louisville through their technology-expertise and a people-first approach to solving problems.

Our new space presents an opportunity for growth, giving us the ability to both hire more talented, local IT professionals and to serve more local businesses’ IT needs so that they can focus on the strengths of their business. More importantly, though, our new office presents an opportunity for connection and community.

Mayor Fischer Sees The Impact of Technology in Our City.

Yesterday we had the privilege of welcoming Mayor Greg Fischer for a tour of our new office and for a conversation on the impact of technology in Louisville. Watch the video below to see more of the visit and what he had to say about the impact we are making!

We believe technology is a powerful tool for education, community building, and empowerment, and its positive impact in our community only continues to grow.

Louisville Investing in Technology

Business and organizations across Louisville are investing in technology systems and programs that will transform and empower the community, from the University of Louisville’s partnership with IBM establishing the Center for Digital Transformation to a new immersive IT training program that will teach high-demand skills to individuals in the community who are underemployed and unemployed. Technology is also changing the way students in our community learn and experience the world, such as Cochran Elementary School’s VR Learning Lab.

At ABS we look forward to continuing to see our team contribute to the growth of technology in Louisville. Through partnerships with other local technology companies and involvement in technology-focused organizations and associations, our team will continue to be an active member of Louisville’s technology community.