Added Security for a Remote Workforce

In the last two years the workforce has transformed. The need for remote access for a multitude of workers is here to stay. This need has changed the way we operate, especially how we rely on network security services. 


At Advanced Business Solutions it is one of our primary goals to provide comprehensive security solutions for the remote worker. We have a variety of tools which we utilize to ensure the overall protection of your business, no matter where your workforce resides.

The Importance of Cloud-Delivered Security

Under the steady protection of your business’ security network there was less worry about universal cybersecurity. Everyone had the same protection because everyone’s workstation was within the same building.


As the workforce entered the era of remote operations, the need for flexible cloud-delivered cyber security systems emerged. Employees are now clocking in from a diverse array of locations. Each person also now has a unique level of cyber protection depending on their location. 


Cloud-delivered protection provides your device with the ability to block most newfound threats at first sight. With employees now in their homes and local coffee shops, guaranteeing the safe keeping of your business’ digital assets has never been more important. 


Learn. See. Protect.

One of the tools which ABS utilizes to help protect your remote workers is Cisco Umbrella. This flexible, cloud-based security effectively protects your users in minutes. ABS offers Cisco Umbrella as our preferred solution because it offers multiple functions that combine to create a single comprehensive security solution. 


Developers built the system around three key actions: learn, see, and protect. First, it uses digital intelligence resources to uncover current and emerging threats. Next, it makes sure that you have visibility across all devices, ports, and cloud services – regardless of where they’re stationed. Finally, the system works to prevent phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks for all your tech. 


The beauty of Cisco Umbrella is that it merges its security functions into a single cloud security service. The system features DNS-layer security and interactive threat intelligence. Additionally, secure web gateway, firewall, and cloud access security broker (CASB) functionality for your remote workers are available. As a result, the integrated security system is flexible, consistent, and high-performing. 


Umbrella’s agile global cloud architecture delivers network resiliency and reliability to keep your performance fast and connections secure. Its focus is on performance, reliability, flexibility, and scale. It’s easy to adopt and implement. Umbrella will provide the comprehensive link you need to successfully manage the cyber security threats for a remote team.


Good to Know

There is a Cisco Umbrella package designed to provide the security you need. From a small business without a dedicated security team to a global enterprise with complex technical environments. Cisco Umbrella is there for everyone which helps ABS ensure that every business’ needs are met.


There are four Cisco Umbrella types with increased security depending on your needs:


  • DNS Security Essentials – Use this package to lock threats across your enterprise’s DNS layer in minutes without added latency.
  • DNS Security Advantage – Get DNS protection plus additional web security and threat insights to speed up investigations.
  • SIG Essentials – Deploy advanced security functions and simplify management with the most effective security in the industry.
  • SIG Advantage – Unlock the highest levels of protection and control with advanced security functions like layer seven firewalls with IPS, DLP, and more.


Each program is easy to implement with desktop installation and will provide multiple security functions in a single device. And as the program actively monitors active threats for many users, it detects and halts cyber threats.


ABS Has Your Back

For the modern business, there is so much to keep track of, especially when it comes to cybersecurity efforts. That is why you need someone on your side who can help you to establish the best protection for your business without causing delays. 

The best first step to simultaneously simplify and enhance your security is to contact ABS and see how we can support your remote workforce.