Maryhurst Journey of Hope Luncheon

ABS Attends Maryhurst Journey of Hope Luncheon 2017

The Maryhurst Journey of Hope Luncheon held at The Louisville Marriott Downtown on Friday, May 12, was a great opportunity for guests to become, “the hope our children need.” This annual fundraiser has shaped into a tremendous opportunity for Maryhurst to honor their outstanding alumni and benevolent supporters. At the 2017 luncheon, Maryhurst presented numerous scholarships and honored their Alumna of the Year, Tammy Smith. But, most importantly, the Journey of Hope Luncheon focused on Maryhurst’s vision to imagine communities free of abuse and filled with hope for every child and family.

A few Advanced Business Solutions employees were fortunate enough to attend the Journey of Hope Luncheon. Elizabeth Dallenbach, Beth Mamrak and Meghan Logue felt honored to spend their afternoon learning about and celebrating the accomplishments of Maryhurst. It was especially notable that the women had the opportunity to listen to guest speaker Sadiqa Reynolds, who is the first woman in ninety-five years to hold the position as President and CEO of the Louisville Urban League.

As always, the Journey of Hope Luncheon was an incredible and touching event. It reminded us that it is truly important to take time out of our busy schedules to appreciate the wonderful work that organizations like Maryhurst are doing for our community. We are already looking forward to the event in 2018!

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