Productivity tools

5 Tools that Keep Our Team Productive

Cloud computing, in essence, encompasses every service that can be accessed online anywhere and at any time. Storage platforms like Azure Cloud Storage and customer relationship management apps like Microsoft Dynamics CRM are good examples of the cloud at work. And while businesses have been slowly adopting this service for years, the increasing need to digitalize operations in 2020 spurred over 25% more organizations to migrate to the cloud.

Clearly, businesses are now more confident about leaving important data in the cloud and embracing its adoption more than ever before. If your organization is still on the fence about cloud-based solutions, these benefits might just change your mind.

1. Up-to-Date Hardware

Of course, we recommend updated software, but the reason we focus on hardware is because the performance of old devices will struggle and eventually stop keeping up with continuous software upgrades. Effective software should always work with reliable hardware. 

It’s human nature to avoid change. However, you don’t want to wait until something breaks to upgrade. Unscheduled downtime is a huge obstacle to productivity! To learn more about hardware lifecycles, please reach out to our team now. 

2. Microsoft Teams

If you haven’t tried it before, this collaboration software allows you to set up your team’s virtual space so you have everything you need to work together in one location. We recommend Microsoft Team’s virtual and interactive video conferencing capabilities for its security, compliance, and privacy. Many other virtual meeting tools cannot offer this kind of management. This tool is especially helpful for larger enterprises or hybrid work environments where collaboration and communication can be hindered.

3. Streamlined Reporting

This recommendation is not a product but a practice, although there are tools involved. Leaders lead well when they have clear insight into their department’s assets and output. It also helps streamline all areas of the business. That’s why in recent years we began offering services focused entirely on data reporting and analytics. Simply put, this begins with finding and connecting all your data points in one place and in real-time so you and your key players can leverage it. 

Imagine being able to gather insights more easily that lead to quicker decisions and, ultimately, better results, whether that’s faster production, less waste, or increased revenue. Hopefully all of the above!

4. Cisco Meraki

We trust Cisco Meraki as the network infrastructure for our teams and our managed services clients. It allows any employee to move between workspaces securely. Besides the obvious security it provides, this software also helps with productivity in the following ways:

  • Provides faster application validation and issue resolution for employees
  • Protects personal devices with contextual insights via the cloud
  • Leverages proactive mitigation of performance bottlenecks
  • Offers faster response times via native integration for trouble-ticketing and service management

5. Company Culture

Amidst workplace upheaval across the world lately, we believe company culture should be a priority this year and probably any time. Here’s why. Our employees do their best work not because they have been given the next trendy method of production but because they embody our foundational values. A strong culture acts as a guide and a mindset that all team members can work through. It’s how we’ve achieved many of our successes and growth for over 25 years!

We hope your business is more productive than ever this year! If you have other questions about software or how our team works, please reach out to us.