4 Cybersecurity Necessities for Businesses

The challenges faced by businesses are constantly changing year to year. Cybersecurity has become a major priority and challenge for many businesses as remote work has become more normative due to the pandemic. One of the biggest issues with cybersecurity is protecting against all forms of attack. There are many ways a business could be attacked, which means it takes a comprehensive security approach to protect against a cybersecurity breach. 

The following list will help you understand the cybersecurity necessities for your business in order to protect yourself from attacks and other risks.

Securing all vulnerable areas

The best course of action to ensure that all of your vulnerable areas are secured is to use layered security measures. In this instance, your traditional firewall isn’t going to be enough.  On top of firewalls and anti-virus software, you want to have other measures like multi-factor authentication and well-established backup and recovery plans.

If you’re unsure about what steps you need to take for your business or where you might be vulnerable, an IT company like ABS can help. A comprehensive threat analysis of all your systems and existing security measures can help you understand your vulnerabilities and give you the guidance on where you need added security. .

Helping employees understand the importance of cybersecurity

There are many ways your business could be vulnerable. Cybersecurity threats can come in the form of phishing, ransomware, accidental user/employee alteration, intentional destruction, data corruption, and more. They can occur as a result of failed email security, identity security, firewalls, website security, externally accessible applications, etc.

One of the challenges you face as a business leader is making sure your employees understand the different types of security risks and how to avoid a cyberattack or other disaster. 

One of the most important things you can do is ensure employees are well-trained on cybersecurity best practices. Training can help you avoid data loss and security breaches before they happen.

Keeping up with security trends

Technology is always changing. This is something we remind everyone of time and time again because of how important it is. As technology changes, so do cyber-criminals. You can’t expect to be safe after installing a little bit of anti-malware one time. You have to maintain your security measures and change with the times.

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, things are already different this year with a change in our workforce. Your security measures won’t be the same with your employees working from home as they are when employees are all at the office.

Having a recovery plan in place

One of the best security measures you can take to protect your business is having a plan in case the worst does happen. 

Unfortunately, a good backup is sometimes the only real solution when faced with highly intelligent issues, like ransomware. In this situation, a well-designed Backup & Disaster Recovery solution can help protect your business from these threats and maximize the uptime of your infrastructure Modern backup methods include ransomware detection and protection and are essential to every business.

Recovery plans also are great for other unplanned disasters, like floods or fires. It is always better to be prepared when it comes to the protection of your business’ data.

Your data is as important to us as it is to you. When you work with ABS, you get a dedicated team of specialists standing by, ready to help you with every challenge your business might face and ensure your data is secured at all times.

If you’re concerned about securing your business, schedule a security consultation. We’ll conduct a comprehensive cybersecurity analysis to determine your specific cybersecurity threats and needs – before it’s too late!