Don’t be fooled… Cryptolocker is still a HUGE threat today!

***UPDDATED 6/6/2014, 4pm EST*** We have also been informed that the Cryptolocker malware has been sending out Dropbox links instead of actual attachments.  The email will still appear to come from a known email address but instead of having you […]

10 New Facts About CryptoLocker


While the world is spinning from CryptoLocker ransomware infections, our Help Desk has learned a thing or two about the evolution of this virus: 1. CryptoLocker infects PCs when users click on attachments in emails from unknown senders. 2. These […]

CryptoLocker: What Your Business Needs to Know


CryptoLocker malware has exploded and is affecting businesses worldwide. Even if your IT company tells you it can remove the malware, files remain encrypted. Most companies who have fallen victim are relying on their latest backup. But ABS now knows that CryptoLocker has the […]

Update On CryptoLocker Malware


CryptoLocker ransomware is blooming as of yesterday, 10/1/13. What began as a few isolated cases last month has now exploded into a very real threat affecting businesses worldwide. CryptoLocker is a form of malware that encrypts your PC’s files and asks for […]

Warning: CryptoLocker Malware


ABS would like to warn businesses of a very serious form of malware on the rise this month: CryptoLocker. This is a high security threat that does not have a resolution at this point in time. Therefore, prevention is key. If you see the following image pop up on […]